July 15, 2009

Social Media Marketing Presentation

Mt Nittany I had the pleasure of meeting a great group of people yesterday in State College, PA and leading a Social Media Marketing Seminar for the Chamber of Business & Industry of Centre County.

Many thanks to everyone who attended, to President/CEO John Coleman Jr., for inviting me and to my new friend Jean Gerber, Vice President of Chamber Operations for organizing a great event and the entire Chamber staff - what a great team.

Here's the entire presentation - hope it helps you!


I haven't been back to State College for over 10 years or so.  It's always been such a great place to visit and beautiful place too.

Today it's bigger, better and prettier than ever (picture above is of Mt. Nittany).

And, the people are as friendly and nice as ever too - you should visit!

Here's a link to their super State College Tourism Web site to, "Tour. Roar. Explore...more!"

June 17, 2009

Better Email Marketing

For the past few years, our clients have continued to embrace email marketing and have gotten pretty sophisticated using it by adding video, sub-segmentation strategies, editorial calendars and much more.

Because of the affordability and relative ease of use of email service technologies, I'm sure you've witnessed how much more "stuff" you get pounded with from familiar and unfamiliar brands.

And, it's amazing to me how marketers who care for their brands so well in traditional media slap just about any old copy and creative into an email and batch and blast it! Many SMEs and large brand emails alike take on the look of a "ransom note" with multiple fonts and typefaces too.

Email unsubscribers

It's sinful for brands to be lazy marketers with email marketing when it is one of the easiest (if not the easiest) channels to target the right message at the right time to the right audience.

As this chart points out, we - YOU - can all improve our email marketing through better list segmentation, using relevant copy and by deploying campaigns in a rhythmic cycle from a respected, familiar person/firm.

June 15, 2009

One Page Marketing Plan

OK, six months to go before we turn to a New Year.

It's a great time to honestly evaluate where you are with your business, your health, wealth, and happiness.

So what's your blueprint of success for the rest of the year? 

Your new blueprint could quite possibly be the foundation of change you need to achieve great heights despite the obstacles - real or imagined - in your life.

I always find that six month plans and goals are exciting and exceptionally achievable.

Having 2 - 5 goals per area is manageable and it simple feels great to cross them off your list when you achieve them.

For me, I have 3 main fitness goals broken down into weeks, months, Q3 and Q4 - weight loss, activity level and general fitness goals - very measurable and easy to follow.

For business, I again have very measurable and achievable goals of income, profitability, niches, and products and service portfolios.

For wealth, specific goals for generating passive income, controlling taxes and expenses, building savings and more.

And for happiness, (well, for one thing if I'm achieving the above goals I will certainly be on my old happiness trail, but truly wealth and business aren't the be and end all for me - however health is a mandatory), I've planned out specific fun and family times along with special moments, vacations, visits, calls and note writing.

Now, comes the fun part - the doing part - I'm still tightening up a few things, but am excited about what the rest of the year has in store for my family and me.

The times I haven't taken the time to truly take stock of where I am in all phases of my life (usually monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and annually) and write down my plan and follow it, I wasted valuable time and achieved far less than what I could have achieved.

Now is your time!

Create a one page marketing plan of Brand You!

I suggest you take some time and do it for yourself and for your family. You will increase your odds of success if you truly focus on your goals, write them down, devise a plan for achieving them and get going.

We all have 24 hours in a day.  How you decide to spend them is always up to you.

Don't blame the recession or who is the President or who is not the President.

You can take steps now to increase your odds of being an the impact player of your life and not be impacted by life.

Have a Happy New Rest of the Year!

May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day

May God bless America, our veterans (alive and who are no longer with us) and our troops. Sing it Brother Ray and may God bless you too.

May 13, 2009

Sorry, I Don't Eat Meat


For years, I've done my share of restaurant and hospitality marketing. Time and again where I always start with my consulting approach is to conduct and marketing audit questioning the core brand message and sales and service issues within the restaurant's four walls.

I've been in many restaurants - as I'm sure you have as well - that do virtually no paid advertising, the food and service is spectacular, it's always packed, they're happy to see you, remember your name (or that you're a regular) the place will never grace the pages of Better Homes & Gardens, but the rest rooms are clean!

While light and bright treatments do help a restaurant's sales - all other things being equal - you don't have to be the place with the prettiest and latest creature comforts, but service is KEY - and you need to "control your controllable!"

I have no personal vendetta against Vegans, animal rights activists, PETA or any other similar organization.  However, they should not be servers in restaurants that serve meat!

A few days ago, I asked my server who was about to take my order, "How is your prime rib?" She smiled and said, "Sorry, I don't eat meat, but I hear it's good!" 


Not only should ALL servers eat meat, but they should have tasted everything on the restaurant's menu so they can help its guests make good decisions and help build the restaurant build sales.

Do you have a training system in place for new and veteran staff to experience your products and services?
Do the people selling your stuff own or use your stuff?
Have your people tried your products or services? 
Do they know what you do? 
Do they know how you do it?
Do they know, "Why you?"

May 12, 2009

Character is a Killer App

Red tulip 2 The more I study social media marketing, the more I'm convinced that Brands looking to profitably grow need to be remarkable and have tremendous character and integrity. It's disappointing to see that so many experts who write and lecture about SMM fail to warn Brands that there are no shortcuts.

If your service or product is mediocre or garbage, all you're going to do with SMM is go out of business faster! Character is a killer app because so few Brands have it.

May 07, 2009

Social Media Marketing Presentation for the York County Chamber of Commerce Business & Technology Expo

York Chamber Expo Color Logo Large Yesterday, I had a terrific time meeting some fun and fascinating people at the York County Chamber of Commerce's Business and Technology Expo in York, PA.

What a great event!

It was motivating for me to see so many enthusiastic people promoting their businesses (100+ exhibitors) and basically saying, "To heck with this recession and let's take care of business together!" 

And, I was honored and excited to give a brief seminar about, "The 10 Keys to Profitably Improving Your Social Media Smarts!" We had a packed room with lots of interested and interesting people of all ages and professions - all eager to hear how they and their businesses can benefit from Social Media Marketing. There was so much more we could have discussed and I would have loved to have done a deep dive on more specific subjects, but we only had an hour to spend together. But, it was a good hour well spent!

Note: Click here to Download Seminar-york-pa-chamber-bus-expo-execs-seminar-5.6.09-r1

Many thanks to the entire York County Chamber staff specifically President Tom Donley, Executive Vice President Bob Jensenius, Louise Heine, Robert Brooks III and Venessa DeLauder for their invitation, hospitality and for putting on a first class event.

Thank You York County Chamber of Commerce!

You have a great organization, beautiful town with beautiful people and I loved every minute of it!

May 06, 2009

Jon Stewart Rails On Twitter

My jury is still out on Twitter (even though I tweet - follow me in twitterland here - http://twitter.com/wayhart) because of the immense "time suck" so many social media platforms take and it seems as though we Brands go from the newest latest and greatest without mastering or at least delivering an 7 out of 10 on prior efforts. For example, how many of you have fully blown out your LinkedIn profile 100%? or, truly knock email marketing out of the park! Or, deliver frequent, consistent, rhythmic, meaningful added-value, non echo chamber Blog posts - I know I struggle at times.

In fact, I just finished about a 2-3 week self imposed break from this Blog and some other Social Media efforts to simply just THINK about this stuff and a whole bunch of other things!

And now, to quote that famous Manhattan Marketer George Costanza from Seinfeld, "I'm back baby!"

Anyway, on this cold, dreary rainy Spring day, see Jon Stewart's rail on Twitter below. Very funny and very accurate for now? Like all new marketing tools, I'll continue to participate and monitor.  I still encourage you to jump in...the water's fine, have fun and don't sweat it. FYI the churn rate on Twitter is crazy.

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April 21, 2009

What's in it for your customer

Carrot-n-stick Face it. You are a selfish, self-centered son-of-a-gun. And, so is your customer.

The majority of your thoughts every day surround you and are about you.

Thoughts like, "What's in it for me (WIIFM)?"  And, "How can I benefit from purchasing Brand X?"

You're consumed by the very thought of YOU!

Realize that you're human and so are your customers - they're not numbers.

To really succeed in business today, Brands more than ever need to do less chest-pumping and more customer humping.

Yes, use Social Media tools to connect and create a dialogue with your customer to find out how you can best serve her, but every now and then, put down your mouse and use your ears to really listen.

I'm sure you have a marketing system that pumps, but do you have one that humps?

That is, do you have a customer lisenting-based marketing system that leads to actions that help answer your customer's WIIFM questions?

You better...do you hear me?

April 20, 2009

Authentic Storytelling at its Finest

This video tells it all. Be prepared to be wowed by singer Susan Boyle on Britain's Got Talent 2009.